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Premium quality straight from the tin.

The high quality standards that T&R Global Food has set itself since the beginning of its company history also apply to our tinned products. This starts with the selection of producers and their products: freshness, refinement and sustainability have top priority here. The careful handling of food during processing and transport is also very important to us.

Our buyers go all over the world to look for suitable companies: whether it is Southern Europe, Asia or South America, we spare neither expense nor effort to include products with the best possible regional origin in our range. Fragrant tomatoes from Italy, sweet and fruity pineapple from Asia or aromatic tuna from South America: everyone will find what they are looking for in our tinned food range. All our products are of high quality and specific to the country of origin and are guaranteed to have been carefully selected.

We make sure that things work. 
We aim to fulfil our customers’ expectations to their complete satisfaction at all times. Our deliveries are reliable and delivered as quickly as possible, exactly as you need them. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.
Safety first: our priority for our products.
We are always aware of our great responsibility with regard to food safety. Rules and regulations that guarantee the safety of our products form the basis of our daily work. We also work exclusively with trustworthy and certified suppliers with whom we have a long-standing partnership. This enables us to guarantee a seamless and secure production chain.
We see these efforts as an indispensable obligation to our customers, which we fulfil every day anew.

There is something for everyone here.
Our wide range of canned products offers high-quality foods that are specific to the region of origin and stand for flavour and quality.

From Italian olives and tomatoes to pineapples from Asia, a wide variety of product groups are represented here.
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High quality for pure flavour.
Poultry is still very popular with meat eaters – and rightly so: in addition to its great flavour, it is also rich in protein and lean in texture, making poultry a healthy and essential part of a balanced diet.

With Lareen, we are creating a range of high-quality poultry. Lareen stands for significantly more flavour and tender, juicy meat – for true enjoyment.

The difference begins at the source.
Our selected, certified breeders share our high standards for quality poultry. That is why the animals are fed on wheat, maize, soy meal and other vegetable protein sources without growth promoters. Because it is obvious that the animals are only healthy and productive if their food is flawless – and that is the prerequisite for high-quality meat.
The slaughtering process at Lareen suppliers must be modern and hygienic. Rapid cooling to 0-3°C or -18°C for frozen food is essential and a prerequisite for high-quality poultry.
Immediately after processing, our poultry arrives at our customers clean and packaged. In order to ensure quality for the end consumer, we guarantee an unbroken cold chain throughout the entire value-added process.

We are always there for our customers.
Our customers receive our products fresh or frozen, as cuts or fillets, raw or processed, depending on their requirements. Our standards regarding origin, quality and safety are adhered to at all times.
If you are missing something in our selection –be it products in different calibrations, special recipes, cuts or packaging, please contact us at any time. We are here for you.

Discover our wide range of products.
Even though we are always willing to find individual solutions for our customers, our existing range offers a wide variety of poultry types and preparations.
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